Part 1: Homeless Kids On A Space Station

Laser Boy

1.1  Laser Boy:  Zero G Armed Robbery

1.2 Laser Boy:  Another Long Crawl

1.3: Laser Boy:  The Improbable Kras

1.4:  Skum Bunny:  Free Cable

1.5:  Lysergic Adam:  Better Living Through Chemistry

1.6:  Scroot:  Terminal Velocity

1.7:  The Kras:  At A Precipice:  A One Hit Drama

1.8:  Black Elvis:  The Pope Of Paisleyville

1.9:  Zombie Lisa:  Tripping Balls With Trip

1.10:  Laser Boy:  Forty Men Dressed In Hell

1.11:  Black Elvis and Skum Bunny:  High Def Dealers Of Death

1.12:  Laser Boy:  Weak And Afraid

1.13:  Laser Boy:  Haunting The Ducts

1:14:  Laser Boy:  Dressed In Light

1:15:  Rock Wellington:  Wide And Vociferous Acclaim

1:16:  Laser Boy:  Sewing The Seeds Of Fate



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