Part 3: Super Hero Tropes

Black Elvis

3.1:  Zombie Lisa:  Hunters And Gatherers

3.2:  Skum Bunny:  Waking To Ghosts Long Faded To Dreams

3.3:  Blue Kay and Zombie Lisa:  Immortal Ethics

3.4:  The Kras:  The Revolution Will Be Televised

3.5:  Black Elvis and Blue Kay:  Rendezvous in the Ruins

3.6:  Zombie Lisa:  Boys Are Stupid

3.7:  Sun Wukong Dojo:  The Four Fingered Way

3.8:  The Kras:  Orderly Transfer Of Power

3.9:  The Comptroller:  Name Change and a Sound Stage

3.10:  Lysergic Adam:  The Things I Do For Drugs

3.11:  Blue Kay:  Subtextual Warfare

3.12:  Black Elvis:  Kill Squad Omega

3.13:  Laser Boy:  Ninja Monkey Mayhem

3.14:  Blue Kay:  Awkward Pauses

3.15:  Zombie Lisa and Black Elvis:  The Pimp Punishing Pope Of Paisleyville

3.16:  Laser Boy:  Light Filtered Through Dust

3.17:  The Comptroller:  Strategy Meeting

3.18:  Scroot:  Jamming Speed

3.19:  The Kras:  Weaponized Animals and Tentacle Handed Monsters

3.20:  Black Elvis:  In the Taunting Light Of Gibbous Earth

3.21:  Laser Boy:  Bird Seed B and E

3.22:  Lysergic Adam:  Cheese It!  It’s The Police!

3.23:  Blue Kay:  The Moment of the Disappeared

3.24:  Black Elvis:  Surrounded By Monsters

3.25:  The Three Primes:  Suicide is Painful But Temporary

3.26:  Laser Boy:  Subconscious Action

3.27:  Zombie Lisa:  Space Birds

Epilogue:  Laser Boy:  Going Out Slowly In A Haunted Land

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