Part 2: Horny Teenage Murder Spree


Kick Herald, The Fabulous Blue Kay

Kick Herald, The Fabulous Blue Kay

2.1:  Blue Kay:  Immersed In Fabulence

2.2:  Fact Checker:  Digital Breadcrumbs

2.3:  Blue Kay:  Life In A Day

2.4:  Laser Boy:  Facilitated Consciousness

2.5:  Blue Kay:  What Passes For Thought In These Complicated Times

2.6:  Black Elvis:  Plausible Deniability

2.7:  Lysergic Adam:  The Connectome Math, Cuckoo Caper

2.8:  Laser Boy:  Endorphin Control

2.9:  Blue Kay:  Pantastic Flanet

2.10:  Laser Boy:  I Feel Better Having Slept

2.11:  Triple G:  If I Drink I Will Cry Out!

2.12:  Laser Boy:  Digital Nocturnes

2.13: Fact Checker: In The Papal Star Chamber

2.14: Skum Bunny And Zombie Lisa: Caged And Naked

2.15: Fact Checker: Upload Sickness

2.16: Blue Kay: Swept Up In Story Logic

2.17: Zombie Lisa: Vertical Movement

2.18: Black Elvis: Counting Corners

2.19: Scroot: 3… 2… 1…

2.20: Fact Checker: Performance Review

2.21: Laser Boy: Adrift In The Blood Mist

2.22: Lysergic Adam: Orchestrating Spin War

2.23 Skum Bunny: Happily Ever After

2.24: Fact Checker: Advancing Stormward

2.25: Blue Kay: Brokering An Offensive Truce

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