3.26: Laser Boy: Subconscious Action

Vince pulled Elvis into the airlock and keyed his pressure suit on for him. The water began to fill the chamber. Vince adjusted his brain so that he could function. The whole sphere was gone. All those kids and… he looked at Black Elvis. His jaw was clenched and his hands were shaking. When the water finished equalizing the pressure, they went into the tank. They both swam over to the space wall. From here they could make out the shapes of bodies. Hundreds of bodies, slowly rotating and drifting into the void.

The airlock opened and three The Comptrollers swam into the room. Only their heads were covered with energy shields. They started shooting as soon as they came in. The airlock started recycling to admit the rest of them. Vince’s tech shot out a blinding array of beams that refracted wildly through the water. He saw Elvis swimming toward the passage that led to the cthulhus. He saw a beam from one of The Comptroller’s guns hit his leg. The energy armor there was flickering bright and dim bright and dim. Too much was happening.

Vince’s tech took over and chemicals rushed into his brain slowing down events.

Cthulhu tentacles shot out of the passage. One of them wrapped around Elvis.

Three The Comptrollers spread out and continued shooting. Several beams hit Vince, but seemed to have no effect. Like in the video he’d watched of him massacring PIGS in the core.

The airlock opened and three more tall purple men swam in.

All the while Vince’s tech was blasting at The Comptrollers. They were tough and shielded well, one of them was missing a leg, but he continued to fire at Vince.

Elvis was hacking wildly at the tentacles. Black blood was filling the water again.

A small cthulhu, it’s pathetic limp bat wings fluttering in the whirly eddies, shot past and into the middle of three of the lanky purple men. The tentacles flashed and lashed about, catching and tearing, pulling purple chunks of meat into it’s mouth.

For a second Syrge’s voice came through.

“…ambled up. Can you hear me? It’s all gone to…”

Then he was gone again.

Elvis cut his way free of the cthulhu that was holding him and started swimming toward the nearest The Comptroller. The purple man’s multi jointed limbs were contorted and skittering through the water like a spindly insect.

One of Vince’s guns kept shooting at the other The Comptrollers, and his other hands kept the cthulhus away from Elvis.

When he reached The Comptroller, Elvis jabbed his machete into the front of his face. The Comptrollers guns continued blasting at Elvis as the body floated up toward the space wall.

Vince saw the flickering of Elvis’s pressure suit grown dimmer and die out. He was holding his breath now. Vince thought he should shoot out the metalastic wall to the spectator area. Dangerous, but Elvis was certain to die here otherwise. He pointed his gun and his view was suddenly cut off by a tremendous toothy mass of coppery brown flesh. The cthulhu wrapped itself around him and started spinning.

He could not keep his bearings. His overlay map was lagging behind reality. He blasted a few times into the thing, but there seemed to be no effect. How much longer did Elvis have? Did he even get a breath before his armor cut out?

Vince watched the tank spinning by him. Space, catwalk, cthulhus, space, catwalk, cthulhus… He set his gun on maximum and… If he timed it just right…

He fired.

The beam hit the metalistic wall that looked out into space.

A spiderweb of cracks appeared. Everything seemed to go still for a breath, then the wall fractured and water, beasts, and men blew out into space.

Vince felt himself slam into a jagged piece of the wall and spin out into space. The water surrounding him quickly turned to a heavy dusting of ice, dispersing into the vacuum. He was still wrapped in a large group of tentacles, but they began to stiffen and break away. The HUD was flashing messages and screaming at him. He kept trying to clear it away and find Elvis. One of the purple men shot past him reaching out, grabbing for his arm. Vince blasted him in the face. An aerosol spray of bright red particles exploded outward. Vince grabbed the body and braced his feet against it. He finally saw Elvis and pushed off towards him.

He shot through the thinning snow and lumps of mollusk meat and frozen The Comptrollers. He hit Elvis and wrapped his arms around him. He was already frozen. His wide staring eyes were ruptured and red. Vince was staring into his face and screaming something. His HUD kept jumping between him and Elvis. He kept clearing it away. Finally, some small rockets emerged from his ankles and propelled him back to the hole in the tank. They were ejecting mass from his body and it hurt a great deal. He held onto Black Elvis’s stiff body. He was still screaming something.

By the time he got into the tank, he was able to think enough to go for the airlock. It functioned just as well for a space lock as it did for a water lock. He got Elvis into the maintenance room and collapsed unconscious on the floor.


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