3.24: Black Elvis: Surrounded By Monsters

Elvis was breathing hard, but he felt good. He really wanted to turn and chop that venters face off, but they had to give time for the girls to get away with the birds. Syrge’s voice came into his ears.

“Go back into the zoo. I’ve already got detailed schematics pulled up and I’ll have video again.”

Vince must have heard it too, because he turned sharply and made for the iron gate. He laced his fingers into a hammock and held it out for Elvis. Once Elvis was atop the gate, he reached down for Vince and pulled him over. He could see their pursuers coming around the curve of the corridor. That Fact Checker or Comptroller guy was purple now… And it appeared that there was more than one of him. One by one eight The Comptrollers came into sight and started firing as they ran toward them. A blast hit the floor just beneath the gate and shrapnel exploded outward. A piece caught Elvis over his right eye.

“Venting Hamlet!” He roared.

He and Vince turned and ran deeper into the zoo. They could hear the voice of one of the tall purple freaks behind them.

“Keep running boys! It adds so much flavor when I catch you and eat you!”

Vince fired a blast over his shoulder. A weak scream followed and Elvis smiled. Vince drew to a stop near the service entrance that would take them back into the area behind the cthulhu tank. He got behind an outcropping of simulated plant monster and lay down some fire. The pursuers stopped outside the entrance to the R’lyeh exhibit.

Vince slowed his breathing enough to talk.

“You think we should lead them into the tank? Then double back and out? Seal them in?”

A blast of laser fire hit near Vince’s head.

“Leper Vent!

Elvis keyed open the service hatch and he and Vince went back into the backstage of the tank. Elvis was breathing fast through his partly open mouth.

“Krasy. I knew we got out of there too easy. This is a terrible plan. My uzi won’t work under water.”

“You could have got a beamer.”

“I like bullets man.”

“You can use your uzi to cover the door while I get this airlock cycled up.”

Vince started the sequence and keyed his shade off and his pressure suit on.

The entrance opened and a The Comptroller’s face peeked around the corner.

“Out of space to run boys. Last Stand for Laser Boy and Black Elvis. Don’t worry though. If you believe in an afterlife, all your friends will be there too. Look.”

He stepped full into the room and keyed the wall to transparent. He pointed through the tank out into space. He smiled.

“You can just make them out right there.”

Elvis and Vince looked through the water that was clearing up too fast to be natural. At the very edge of the view they could see a swarm of asteroids or… something. Syrge’s voice came into their ears.

“Oh hell. It’s true. The slum sphere has just been vented,” his young voice broke and then the signal disconnected.

Elvis screamed and sprayed bullets at the thing by the door. His frame jumped and danced before falling to the floor. Another one, identical, stepped into his spot, holding two beamers, blasting and talking.

“I wasn’t going to leave anything to chance with you all. If your little hacker is listening, he should know I’ve got some special ideas in mind for him.”

Elvis collapsed to the floor near the airlock. The sound of energy blasts filled his ears.


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