3.22: Lysergic Adam: Cheese It! It’s The Police!

Syrge spit out a mouthful of salty bread he had been eating. The bastards had gotten past his monitors. He looked at Scroot, typing away and keyed up his own controls.

“You guys need to scatter! It looks like eight bogies!”

Vince was already laying down a barrage of lethal blasts, but the bogies were not going down. Syrge sent a signal to Lisa and Kay, directing them onto the cart and away at top speed. He signaled Elvis and Vince to run in the opposite direction.

When they cart took off, two of the hostiles ran after them a few steps and stopped and rejoined the other six chasing Elvis and Vince. Syrge didn’t have video linkup, but he could tell these were not turtles. They were not big enough. They all looked identical on the readout, but he was not sure what they were. He could not ask Elvis and Vince, he could tell by listening that they were using all their breath for running.


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