3.17: The Comptroller: Strategy Meeting

The three Primes were going through data on their screens, looking for evidence of Laser Boy and his gang. The Comptroller had his own screens moving as well, but he has his scan speed set relatively slow because he would occasionally check over the shoulders of the Primes. Primes were the strategic wing of the station police force. Not normally used in public arenas, they were the ones who tended to sit in linked up chambers coordinating and sending orders to the PIGS. They were taller and leaner than the PIGS, not as strong biologically, but their cybernetic enhancements made them far superior to the PIGS in every way. They were independent thinkers, which could be problematic, but their psych conditioning was a continuous process, organized by the Security President’s staff.

They were also the group that was so thoroughly outclassed by Lysergic Adam during the confrontation with Laser Boy. Their job, apart from managing the PIGS in the field, consisted of manipulating the environment to assist the PIGS in the course of their duties. Supposedly, they had access to the base software. There should not be any way to override their control of the station’s functions. They had full Presidential, (formerly Papal), access. But Adam had taken it away from them, locked them out. Now, there was no evidence of hacking at all, the system was back to normal and nobody knew how the little freak had done it.

The problem, as The Comptroller saw it, was one of Original Intent. The people that built the station so long ago had been utopian minded. The nano-computer framework that saturated the station was meant to be shared and used by all equitably. The code had been razed and rebuilt so many times, and by so many different social engineers, that the original intent was thought to have been annihilated. But this computer was vast, and the processing power was in the Byzantine web of wireless connections between uncountable numbers of nano-bots. All of the screens, implants, and supposedly secure independent systems were all pieces of this one huge thing, and somewhere in all of that, the original code was still alive somewhere, ready and willing for anyone to take advantage of it’s free spirited purpose.

The Comptroller stopped scanning for signs of the boy and leaned his head back. Original Intent. He was so used to using the computer as a tool, his primary tool really, not only for gathering intelligence, but for executing his commands. If the computer failed him before, it would surely fail him again. He sat up quickly enough to disturb the three Primes.

“Primes. Halt your scans.”

The three officers paused the data streams and turned to face their superior.

“All three of you switch off your connection to the computer. Acknowledge.”

There was no movement indicating it was done, but after an instant all three said, “Acknowledged.”

The Comptroller keyed his board with his new and unpleasant purple hued fingers to detach the room from the computer as much as possible.

“I have a field mission for you three. Parameter one: Use only your organic brain to remember your orders do not store this information on any database, interior or exterior. Acknowledge.”


“Parameter two: This mission may potentially be a suicide mission. You will have three hours to set your affairs in order. Acknowledge.”


“Parameter three: You will need disguises that will get you into the slum sphere unnoticed. Because of your height, I will issue you all credits for holo-shades. Acknowledge.”


“Parameter four: None of you will speak of this to any one, from the President of Media to the lowest slum rat. Nothing of this mission will be discussed outside of this room. Acknowledge.”


“Parameter five.”

The Comptroller gave them their orders.

The three Primes stood and saluted.


They walked out of the room to set their affairs in order.


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