3:9: The Comptroller: Name Change And A Sound Stage

Comptroller, formerly known as Fact Checker, had purple skin now. It was supposed to make him look like a new person. He still worked for the same entity, but The Pope of Security now wore a young man’s body and an old school suit and tie. Now he was the President of Security, and he no longer spoke into people’s minds nor did he ride around in his floating cone. All of which made him much more irritable and dangerous. The only pope, scratch that, President that outranked Security was Media. So Eugene Guzeman was there too, smiling and watching. President of Security yelled at Comptroller yet again.

“Comptroller! Why is this taking so long?! I want the new regime to start things off by killing those terrorists! We need a big show to cement ourselves in place. What if people get wind that elections used to be every few years?”

“Yes sir, I’m checking the camera readings now… We don’t want it to be too pristine. Needs to look authentic.”

He finished adjusting the settings and moved over to the slugs. They looked just about perfect. Laser Boy was struggling against his bonds, large metal gauntlets wrapped around his hands and fore arms and bound them behind his back. Zombie Lisa was in a spiked cage quivering and feral. Kick Herald stood calm and serene in a long gossamer robe of lilac and rose. He slightly altered the position on Laser boy and made sure he knew to stay on his mark. He turned Lisa’s cage slightly so her teeth showed to camera two’s lens. He took a deep breath and walked off camera.

He looked around and did a mental checklist. He nodded to the Pres. of Security, who waved his hands in circles nodding impatiently. He nodded to the Pres. Guzeman of Media. He flashed his smile and gave a big thumbs up. It was an old gesture, but he thought he could bring it back into fashion.

“All right. Quiet on the set. Action.”

A live streaming video of the two ersatz prisoners interrupted all broadcasts. Guzeman faced the cameras with Security at his side. The only difference in their clothes was the color of their ties. They both had identical haircuts too, Guzeman’s was light brown, Security’s was black.

“My fellow stationites. I come before you today with heavy heart. Within hours of taking control of the security forces, newly elected President of Security Dominic Winter went in to interview these two so-called terrorists who let us all know about the sins of the papacy. We had planned on making them heroes of the revolution. Unfortunately, while their actions may have accomplished some good, we quickly found out that they do not share our vision of a peaceful station. This footage of the interview is presented for your consideration.”

The scene switched to Laser Boy in a cell banging his head on the bars and yelling.

“I will not rest until this entire station is vented! Humanity’s time is done! Extinction Now! You hamleting lepper pe…”

The video cut off. Eugene Guzeman continued.

“The rest of his diatribe is too obscene for our viewing audience. The girl known as Zombie Lisa’s was much worse. We will not be showing that footage. As you can see from her now, she is more animal than human. I met with all eight other Presidents, but we could not think of any humane way to rehabilitate these two. So, with appropriate respect for their accomplishments, I sentence them to immediate death by disintegration.”

As soon as he said the words, six PIGS took aim and fired from long guns that turned the two of them to particles.

“We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming.”

Comptroller turned off the feed.

“Now then,” said the Pres. Of Media, “time to kill those kids for real, and vent that stinking sphere to the void. And if Lysergic Adam is not in my hands by this time next week, then so help me Not Dead But Only Slumbering Man Who Ate Japan I will steer this station into the moon! ”

Comptroller nodded, “Very good sirs. I would very much like to get my hands on all of them.”


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