3.5: Black Elvis and Blue Kay: Rendezvous in the Ruins

Elvis was completely still as she glided past. She stopped in a clear space and looked around with her hands on her hips. The way she was oriented relative to him, her feet were pointed toward him, and spread apart as they were, it was an excellent view. The shadows cast by her tail feathers leaving just enough to the imagination. It had taken Elvis a few days to realize that apart from her belts and pouches, she was only covered by feathers. Manooway, Vince was going to be angry. Still, he’d held off this long, and she’s been giving Vince the cold shoulder for the entire time. He had to know what was going on. He wasn’t a baby for vent’s sake.

Elvis pushed quietly away from the branch he was on and slowly glided up behind The Fabulous Blue Kay. His wing shirt enabled him to come to a smooth stop inches behind her. He made a low growling sound right next to her ear.


“I’m supposed to scream now, yes?”

Kay flicked her wings and spun to face him, “I knew you were there all along,” she tapped her finger three times to a small plastic node projecting from her scalp. “Technological superiority.”

“Why you were acting like you didn’t know, hmmmm?”

She crossed her arms, “Wanted to see what you’d do.”

“Almost shot you, thought you were game.”

“Lies. Saw you checking me out. You going to do something? I had to sneak up on Laser Boy when he was asleep. I have to make the first move here too?”

Elvis pulled her into him by the waist. Her crossed arms moved out and up to get out of the way as she inhaled sharply. He leaned his forehead into hers, his hands working among her contours. His voice was soft and thick.

“You ever had one of these? With this on top?

“N… no?” Kay’s voice caught as her tech gave up trying to restrain her responses.

His mouth found hers and she closed her eyes. His right hand cupped her ass and slid down to pull her leg around him, her other leg followed suit of it’s own accord. She began grinding her hips against him. After a few moments he pulled his face back.

“Manooway… I thought making out would be weird and dusty with all those feathers. Your mouth is all smooth and minty.”

Kay’s hands worked his pants open and pushed them down. He kicked them off. They were breathing fast and in unison.

“So, how does this… where is…”

“Just move those right. There. Yes.”

“Oh. Yeah, not dusty at all.”

“… Ohhhhhhh.   Venting Hell!!”

Later, they were making their way through a part of the wild they hadn’t been to before. They needed to come back with some game to stave off awkward questions. Also, they needed food.

Kay found a shrub with some fist size berries of some sort. She lit on the bush in a squat position and gripped it in her toes. She picked one of the berries and ran a search of her data banks. She could not do a net search away from the cables, but she had upgraded her personal files to recognize plants and animals.

“These are just what the doctor ordered! Flurryburries! Vitamin C, fiber, a whole list of things. Help me get all of these.”

Elvis landed behind her and pushed himself against her. She dropped the flurryburry in her hand and it spun in the air. She leaned back onto Black Elvis and breathed deep. His hands found their way to her breasts. Kay shook her head and laughed.

“Not again! Not yet! We’ve got all the time in the world! We need to get you some implants so you can just google my ass when you get hard up.”

“Sorg, girl. I’ll google your mom. Why I’d google you when I got the real thing?”

“Not a bad idea. My mom’s a freak.”

Kay pushed him off of her and started gathering fruit. She turned a card into an energy basket. Most of the patterns she had earlier downloaded into her cards were small energy field generators that she could move around using magnetic waves like the ones the mag carts used. These were super useful in zero g. It allowed them to have a fire for cooking, a place to relieve themselves without fear that their feces and urine would drift into camp. They could hold water so it wouldn’t float about and it could be used to keep their camp free of stinging bugs. Genius.

They gathered about forty of the large berries and they each ate a few. They turned to head back to camp.

“Poor so called Laser Boy… He is in love with me, I think.”

“Yeah, probably. He’ll get over it. I had to get sloppy seconds, and I’m dealing.”

“Venter! You’re a bastard!” She slapped his head.

“Technically, yeah, but a sexy bastard.”   He caught her hand and spun her around, “We should stop for round three before we get back.”

“You need to pace yourself man boy.”

She took his stovepipe hat and put it on her head so she could run her fingers through his hair. The hat had some simple tech in the band that linked into hair, (or feathers) to hold it in place in zero g.

She turned to look coyly into his eyes, trying to decide whether to make him wait or give in. A small, shiny, golden robot with two chicken bent legs and a large toothy pac-man head shot out of the greenery straight for her left arm. She got a heads up warning an instant before it hit her. She snapped her arm away as fast as she could and the robot was not able to bite her, but it hit her shoulder hard with the top of it’s head, bruising the bone and sending her and Elvis spinning into a thicket that tore and scratched at their skin.

Elvis reacted quickly, righting himself and bracing on the edge of the bushes ready to push off. A small swarm of ratcher robots was moving quickly at them, thankfully from one direction. It was harder when they surrounded you. “Still,” he thought, “I scrapped a million ratchers.”

Kay activated a card that formed a gun that shot wads of expanding glue masses. Elvis shot out at the ratchers drawing a sharp machete as he flew. Kay started firing at the ones on the edges, not blocked by him.

“Idiot,” she whispered, “Could’ve got them all with this…”

She stopped shooting and watched as he impacted the center of the swarm. The robots were sent in all directions. The shirtless and chiseled leader of the kras held an amazingly dashing smile on his face as he slashed about him with his blade. Sparks flew each time he struck one of the gleaming metal robots. Kay’s gun reverted to the card and she put it back into her pouch. She lay prone on the bush and rested her chin on her the tented back of her hands, kicking her feet lazily back and forth. It was a difficult pose to strike in micro gravity, so she hoped Elvis appreciated it.

Elvis grabbed a ratcher and used it to brace himself to turn and look at her. His smile widened to realize his audience, and he tossed the ratcher lightly into the space in front of him and swung his machete two handed at it, shattering it into shards. Two of which pierced his chest. Two thin streams of blood started seeping into the air. He winked and gave a two-fingered salute to Blue Kay. She raised her head enough to give him a fluttery wave with one hand, batting her downy eyelashes. He returned to his robo-slaughter and put an end to the little bastards in a few moments.

When he was done, he glided over to Kay.

“Do you think someone sent those to find us?” asked Kay.

“I don’t know. They looked pretty new. If they were hunting animals here for a while, they’d be all rusty and dented I figure. Someone just sent them in recently, whether for us or not, who knows?”

Kay decided they probably had time for round three.

Black Elvis was, like, “All right man! Outta sight!”


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