2.25: Blue Kay: Brokering An Offensive Truce

2.25: Blue Kay: Brokering An Offensive Truce

Kay crouched low in her cart over the unconscious Lisa. Her card hoop was withdrawn due to the close quarters; still she had a few cards ready. Above them Laser Boy continued spewing his ranting monologue and lased anything that moved.

Zombie Lisa was one of Vince’s friends. She was really messed up. Kay pushed a pill into her mouth and squeezed some juice into her mouth. The broken little girl managed to swallow it and her face relaxed.

Blood rain started to fall amid flashes of phosphene blue, high pitched thunder accented Laser Boy’s manic words. Kay looked down at herself and saw rivulets of dark red flowing down her feathers to pool in the bottom of her cart. She keyed the command to extend the roof over her patient and herself. She wondered who was doing all of this. Someone had control of the screens and environment and seemed to be working with them. She guessed it must be one of Vince’s crew, probably that little boy in the suit. Weird.

“Hallowed be my mayhem! Evolution of duck kind in the chaos mind! Retract your judgment before my tempest of dino-glass! Break your apprehension in the grinder of my merciless soul teeth! Spolier alert! This storm is in my brain and so are you! Cause I’m baaaaaaad! I’m station wide!”

“Manooway his brain is broken,” said Blue Kay. “I think I might be the one that broke it.”

She stepped out of the cart, leaving Lisa to rest and heal, and flapped up to Laser Boy. She approached slowly, hoping he wouldn’t lase her. Her shield was up, but his weapon seemed to be able to modulate through all the shields the PIGS had, and hers were weaker than theirs.

He saw her coming and stopped talking. She flew to him and grabbed onto his shoulder setting the two of them spinning slowly. She pulled herself to him and wrapped her arms and legs around him. His arms hung limp at his sides.

“Shhhhh. Calm down, fierce boy, calm down. There is no one left to kill. They’re all dead and turned to muck.”

His breathing changed, getting shaky and wracked with sobs. She dimly noticed that the two of them were projected on several of the giant screens, but when Laser Boy began sobbing, the view quickly changed to a wide shot where you could not tell he was crying. Had to be one of his crew.

Kick maneuvered herself so she was sitting of his shoulders with her feet tucked under his arms behind his back. She flew him down to the cart and got them inside of it with Zombie Lisa. Overhead the storm began to abate. She gave Laser Boy the same pill she had given to Lisa, and he fell quickly into a healing sleep. She hoped his brain would heal from whatever web of traumas that had caused that odd monologue.

She retracted the roof partway and stood up with her head out in the open. Everything was eerie quiet. The black walls continued to show silent footage of floating bodies and rampaging kaiju, as well as a live feed of her peeking out of her mag cart. She was hovering just about where the lion had caught the baboon in Laser Boy’s viral debut. The market shops bristled all around the walls of the arena sized space, an inside out porcupine. She saw someone poking his head carefully out of a storefront. He was 60 degrees rotated from her perspective. She waved at him and he pulled quickly back in and shut the door.

Her plan was that someone would have to show up and make a deal with them if they just kept on killing PIGS. They were not cheap, they would have to do a cost benefit analysis eventually. But so far they had just really messed up the intersex.

The lighting was dim, but her eye tech automatically adjusted, so she had no trouble noticing some movement about forty meters upstem. It was a small squad of techs, and a papal official. Also two storage freeze pods.

“Hello! Little rich bird can you hear me?”

Kay pulled herself out and sat cross-legged on the roof of her cart and locked it behind her. She mentally sent a set of instructions to it to flee if things went down.

“I hear you skinny orange man. Took your time.”

He separated from his small crew and floated slowly toward her.

“Your daddy says to say you are grounded.”

Kick shook out her scalp feathers and laughed.

“The Infamous Dread Roman Herald will probably increase my share of the company for this. He gets bored easily, and I bet he has never been so proud of me.”

“You may have gone too far girl. These images behind you… you must make them stop.”

“Hmmmm? Oh… wait.”

She sent out a broad and open UNO to the station at large requesting the footage stop, hoping Laser Boy’s friend would take the hint. If it was Laser Boy’s friend.

The images stopped moments later. The orange man gave a slight nod of appreciation.

“I am Fact Checker, you have heard of me, yes?”

“Sure. Top Cop right?”

“As you say. We are prepared to stop all this. We assume this Laser Kid and his little gang will be content to go about their lives unhindered by the Papal Authority. Or is there something else they require? Do you speak for them?”

“Yes. That sounds like something they would want. How can you let this go though? Won’t it be hard to maintain your precious order if someone can slaughter all these PIGS and walk away free?”

“That’s a condition of us giving up the chase. Laser Boy and Zombie Lisa will both have to go about in disguise. If they show up as themselves in public, we will have to take action. No choice. We will, of course, have to create some simulacra to arrest and execute for everyone involved except you. I don’t doubt that your fan base will only become more fanatical over you now. Real life deeds are so much more enjoyable than weirld ones. You family requests that you return home and jack into the family net so they can give you your punishment or reward or whatever it is you corporate types do.”

Kick stood up and stretched lazily.

“As if you don’t know. I have full access to the hell net. I know what you’re about mister. We want the two of Laser Boy’s gang that you arrested back. If they’re already dead, you are vented.”

Fact Checker sniffed distastefully and gestured to the storage freezes.

“They are there. Alive, and perhaps stronger for having survived our tender treatment.”

Kay raised the right side of her lip and showed her canine.

“I don’t know if I can guarantee they won’t come after you personally. I know the kind of things you do.”

Fact Checker raised his hand resignedly.

“Part of the job maam,” he waved the technicians toward Kay with two fingers in a V. They sent the two hovering cases toward her. They came to a stop next to her cart.

Kay hopped onto them and looked through the metalastic windows. She checked her files for a match.

“They better be the real deal. We’ll find out if not.”

Fact Checker folded his finger together.

“The Papacy has decided this is over, ready or not. You take the deal or we have to vent the whole core. All those upstem hard working merchants, all those midstem hustlers, all that downstem wild flora and fauna. This ends now. Do not release recordings. Do not let this gang show their faces. Over,” he clapped his hands past each other twice quickly, “done.”

He turned and pushed away from the scaffolding that he had been braced against, back toward the techs. They all disappeared into a doorway, which hissed shut behind them.

Kick Herald maglinked her cart to the pods, aimed downstem, and sped away from the scene. The lights came back on and the bloody mist had nearly vanished. The blackwalls returned to their normal broadcast schedule.

Several kilometers later, they reached the downstem wilds. This end of the axel was a wild irradiated zero g jungle. Energy fields vibrated into atoms any living thing that tried to pass out of the wild into the rest of the station, or vice versa. The Fabulous Blue Kay knew the code though and passed through with Black Elvis’s unconscious Kras into a place no one with any sense went. And as she disappears into the gloomy green shadows of the spiraling explosions of zero g trees and predator sounds, we reach the end of part two.


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