2.24: Fact Checker:Advancing Stormward

2.24: Fact Checker:Advancing Stormward

On the edge of a side passage, Fact Checker and his squad of technicians and collators looked out into the intersex and felt great despair.

So, apparently, these meddling kids had hacked the environmental nanos, all the nano computers in the area, all broadcasts in the spectrum, (even the Papal Security portions of the spectrum), the black walls, and all cameras and speakers. Kids. Stupid kids. It didn’t make any sense.

Also while they were doing all that they were casually floating around just slaughtering PIGS and anyone else unfortunate enough to get in their way.

A thunderhead was forming behind Laser Boy, streaks of lightning appeared pink as seen through the bloody mist that filled the space between them. Fact Checker could see a team of Special Forces PIGS gearing up for a run at him. He couldn’t even message them to hold off, all his communications were jammed.

Laser Boy’s gun jumped six times just as a bolt of lightning hit him, or rather hit some sort of energy shield that surrounded him, surrounding him with pink crackling energy. Every single SWAT PIGS went limp and floated where they were. One of them exploded, sending more gore into the air. All the speakers in the area chose that moment to begin blaring Laser Boy’s voice.

“I’m reaching out like shattered glass! I’m fast as velociraptor! Breaking through like a powered ram! Kiss my superdestroyer! Acid death raining down on you! Watch you eroding! Watch me exploding! Dayglo shrapnel sex grenades! The luminous projection of my mental illness is killing you thusly!”

“Lunatic child,” muttered Fact Checker. He used his implanted computer to once more try to break into any of the systems that should be at his beck and call, again with no success. His brain was working fast, calculating odds, leading him to one conclusion. The Papacy would not like it, but he could not see a better alternative. It was time for a controlled revolution. He needed to send the signal by person. He printed the coded message and gave it to one of his collators with instructions. Then he waited. He could not proceed without authorization.


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