2.18: Black Elvis: Counting Corners

2.18: Black Elvis: Counting Corners

            Elvis was finally allowed back in his cell. Seven different men had tortured him, and he had barely told them anything. He had confirmed that Syrge was scary smart, but they seemed to think he was a computer wiz, but they never mentioned Scroot, and neither did Elvis. He let them think Syrge was the computer guy. Vent that little geek. They did not even ask him about Vince, which was weird. He thought that was why they were caught, because of Vince’s lion carnage robbery.

The angels in here looked odd. He tried to count the walls around him three times and came up with three different sums.

“Hey plint boys!” His voice sounded like a rasp.

“You fig you could destroy the world by accident… like at the black wall playing Ugly Popes and a wire crosses and boom goes the canister?”

Elvis coughed up some blood and continued weakly.

“Used to worry ‘bout that all the time. Dufs always breaking and wearing out. How’s it still tight? Why the air isn’t leaking away? Who knows sorg about vent anymore to keep the can going? Venter used to try to molest me for rent said I thought too much… Youda liked him. Had a lot in common you did.”

The door slid silently open and Fact Checker walked in with a pair of PIGS flanking him. They grabbed Elvis roughly and pulled him off his cot. Fact Checker’s fingers danced on his interface.

Elvis feigned boredom, “No…really. Got to organize my files now. Couldn’t possibly make the party…”

One of the PIGS reached for a button that would send yet another surge of electricity through Elvis, but then it realized that the prisoner had lost consciousness all on it’s own. The transport would go smoothly.


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