2.16: Blue Kay: Swept Up In Story Logic

2.16: Blue Kay: Swept Up In Story Logic

“We have to move now. I don’t have time to study my HUD. There are so many buttons and I don’t read so well.”

Laser Boy was ranting. Six young Monsignors sat passing an ornate metalastic tube around a lazy circle. In a small cheap permapt in a disreputable section of Silver Sphere dwelt the pampered black sheep. Four from the top, three from the bottom. Social backsliding with retro style, digitized social suicide on the rise.

The room was walled in dark red and dimly lit. The teenage bureaucrati sat on a spaghetti S curved sofa and were mostly silent watching Vince and Kick as Vince attempted to describe his HUD to Kick, occasionally interrupting himself to rail about how vented everything was.

“ Look, they have my friends and I have this moist laser weapon. I’ve got to try to get them out. I tried living as a coward and I can’t do it anymore. At least with this.”

For the fourth time in 20 minutes, Vince made a quick draw motion causing the ray gun to materialize. He brandished it recklessly.

“I think I got the basics.”

Kick looked around at the venting heks, stoned on dangerous chems with no tech to repair the damage, they drooled and giggled at the pair of them. It was some pretty sweet tech.

“All right man. If you’re ready, I’m ready.”

She pulled a card out of her pouch and tossed it in the air spinning like a sideways Frisbee. In mid-air it expanded into a thin and fragile looking black rifle. The assembled young monsignors exhaled noisily with exaggerated laughter and convulsing.

Vince and Kick locked eyes. Kick thought he looked like a wet scrat standing on its hind legs… but oh, with that venting lop sided grin. She batted her eyebrows at him suggestively.

Vince swallowed hard and swished saliva around his dry mouth before speaking.

“So where do you think they’re keeping ‘em?”

Kick laughed and her face grew teeth.

“Does it matter? We can’t get to them.”

Her chem regulators reacted to her desires with precision and accuracy, setting her brain to fearless and compassion free.

“We have to embarrass them so much that they have to let them go. We already found something we’re good at, let’s stick with that.”


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