2.15: Fact Checker: Upload Sickness

2.15: Fact Checker: Upload Sickness

When he finished throwing up, Fact Checker went to his wall bin and pulled out one of the short-sleeved black onesies and pulled it onto his tingly new body. He was curious how he had died so he accessed the servers and watched the footage.

When he was done he shook his head in disbelief. Moments after the footage from the compromised tech hit the net, other more proficient hackers had stolen the security vids of his decapitation. He did a quick search and found that the footage was trending up. There was probably no one on the station that wouldn’t have seen it within the next hour. It’s a small world.

He tried to remember if he had ever died quite so horrifically before. His head was literally ripped off by a tiny growling girl. Maybe it was time to get some metal bone grafts on his next slug. He left the apartment, continuing his search for Lysergic Adam on the nets. When he had some down time he would have to make sure to catch and kill that freaky girl again. He had a reputation to protect after all.


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