2.14: Skum Bunny And Zombie Lisa: Caged And Naked

2.14: Skum Bunny And Zombie Lisa: Caged And Naked

Headache that felt like bleeding was the first thing Skum noticed, then he shut down like a kitten under a bucket. He cradled his head in his hands and let out the quietest and highest “eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” his body was capable of making. The slight sound lasted until he inhaled, and the pain didn’t change, but he opened his eyes and pushed himself up a few decimeters. He was heavy. 3 g’s at least.

He was on a slab of metalastic. Johnium bars shot up and over to surround him in a cube shaped cage. Like a venting animal. He could smell his own sorg and vinn. He tried to take stock of his situation without moving or drawing attention. The last memory he had was of giant black-gloved hands holding his mouth and nose closed until he thought he was dead.

There did not seem to be a floor or ceiling. All the distance was blackness. The only light was from a thin strip on the top of his cage and a small sliver about 8 meters away.

Through his squinted eyes, he could make out, by that distant light, the shape of a cubic cage similar to his own. He thought maybe there was a person in it as well.

He dared to raise his head and open his eyes. It was a human shape covered in a colorless rag. The knots and cords of hair told him who it was.

“Zombie!” he screamed, or tried to. Instead, a hiss of misty blood croaked into the darkness.

He forced some blood out of his windpipe to lubricate his throat enough to try again.

“Zombie! VENT. Are you… alive?”

Skum Bunny’s head fell to the floor and hit with a clack.

Several minutes passed before he heard Zombie Lisa’s voice, weak and confused.

“Skumby, are we…”

Skum shot up. His rabbit ear tails smacked into the top bars.

“Oh Leese. We are well and truly vented. They’ve been torturing me.”

“Shhhhh. You know they’re listening.”

“Yeah. I know. Venting Vince.”

“He was just trying to help. Food… Manooway I am sooo hungry”

“Grant, but…”


Skum Bunny and Zombie Lisa crouched in silence and darkness. They stared into the void; trying to see as far as the weak lights would let them. The shades would start to dance as they stared, forming illusions in their vision and minds, only to disappear with each slight shift of the neck or flick of the eyes. Zombie Lisa finally broke the silence.

“I don’t remember being tortured. I must be blacking out each time. I have no idea what they’ve been doing to me. These lights obviously are just barely bright enough for us to see each other, so… since we are approx 8 meters apart, we know each of us can see eight or nine meters in every other direction, so at a minimum, we are in an ovaloid structure 18 meters high and wide and 28 meters long. Or anything larger. There are no support cables so there is a mag generator somewhere in proximity as well. When they come for us again, I am going to kill whoever comes for me and turn on the lights. You be ready. I’ll probably knock out the mag generators as well, so prepare for a fall of at least 8 meters.”

Skum Bunny lay flat on the floor of his cage and pressed his cheek flat on the surface. He remembered now, seeing them try to interrogate Zombie. She turned into a wild animal so fast, he couldn’t keep up. Also, they had been forcing him to look away, so he could hear the sounds of them prodding and stabbing at her as she howled and snapped. The sounds of her torment would fade as they began his own regimen. He tried to think of something happy. All he could get was a field of red and green. Then the lights came on.

They were in a room of white, with a few dark right angle lines to break the uniformity. The size was roughly as Zombie had estimated, but it was rectangular, not ovoid. An orange bald man in a black onesie walked through a rectangular opening in the white. He strode quickly and lightly to Zombie Lisa’s cage.

“Leave her alone you Fid Hamlet Scrat!”

Skum Bunny watched as the thing reached Zombie’s cage. It was very tall and Zombie was on her knees, and they were looking right into each other’s eyes. It sounded like an answering message.

“Are you going to kill me now then Lisa?”

The passage through which it had come closed.

“Do you two know who I am?”

“Last night your mama said you were a holey dent,” said Skum Bunny as nonchalant as he could conjure.

“Amusing,” said the orange man.

“rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,” said Zombie Lisa.

Fact Checker turned his gaze upon Zombie Lisa.

“You have them all very nervous to deal with you young lady.”

“rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr,” said Zombie Lisa.

Skum Bunny reached up and gripped a vertical bar in each hand and pulled his face against the bars. He saw the orange man push a jerry button in the space in front of him and a wall of zombie’s cage disappeared. She shot out of the cage in a slender blurred streak of tan. The thin strip of cloth that covered her swept in a whiplash arc upward before the reversal, which cracked across Fact Checkers face. A streak of red formed as she hit his face with her forehead. One of his large hands grabbed her ankle and started to swing her like a rag doll, but she had already flicked the strip of cloth around his neck and grabbed the other end with her left hand. When he tried to slam her on the floor, all he accomplished was fracturing two of his own neck vertebrae and severely bruising his spinal cord.

Zombie Lisa didn’t let go, even though her right arm was dislocated and she had three newly broken fingers. That was not including the broken collarbone and nose she woke up with. Instead, she flipped over in a barrel roll maneuver and kicked both of her feet up to brace against the orange man’s chest. She pushed as hard as she could with her feet and pulled as hard as she could with her arms.

Fact Checker stood and batted weakly at the animal on his face as his HUD went dim. Zombie Lisa’s extended limbs contracted and she pulled herself around his head until her face was millimeters away from his. Near sanity returned to her eyes for a moment.

“Told you I’d kill you.”

She went away again.

Fact Checker’s scream was cut off so abruptly that Skum Bunny felt it like a gun shot.

The door rectangle opened and several yellow and black clad technicians charged into the room. One of the techs, unbeknownst to him, had compromised cameras. Some random downstem hackers had been monitoring his vids. The hackers did not expect any footage this great.

Zombie Lisa crouched over the orange and black corpse peering through her dangling matted tubes of hair at the techies. The last thing the camera broadcasted to the hackers was an image of a bloody orange head flying toward them followed immediately by a naked howling devil doll. The broadcast ended with tooth and claw and blood.

When the footage hit the nets, everybody stopped what they were doing to watch and reply.

Skum Bunny watched the door slide closed after Zombie Lisa shot through it, and he was left all alone with a headless bleeding orange corpse. A moment later the lights went out again.


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