2.13: Fact Checker: In The Papal Star Chamber

2.13: Fact Checker: In The Papal Star Chamber

Fact Checker walked into the Papal Hearing Chamber. It was a large spherical room with a small round floor in the middle, surrounded by a 1.5 meter circular wall. He walked the narrow path to stand inside the circular wall. Once he arrived there, the only door to the chamber closed and nine glowing stars appeared projected at various places on the ceiling/walls of the sphere. One of the glowing stars moved in front of him and grew larger. The idea of a voice came from it into Checker’s mind.

“Bishop Checker. Report.”

“Holinesses. Prisoner 812/a has provided some information about the prime target, but only confirming things we already surmised. He seems to have no idea where he might be hiding. The prisoner, self designated Black Elvis, no official name in records or in his memory, is distrustful of the individual and does not know the extent of his intelligence or resources. In his own words, ‘He’s a spooky little shit.’ Not helpful, except that he seems to think his main area of expertise is chemistry rather than computer interface.”

The star pulsed as it spoke.

“That would lend significance to the name Lysergic Adam.”

“Yes holiness.”

“What of alias Laser Boy?”

“You know what I know. On the run with Kick Herald, daughter of Dread Roman Herald. He has somehow become implanted with experimental military tech. He has murdered several scientists and PIGS pursuers. There is an abundance of footage making the rounds.”

“Before you go out to hunt, you need to check in on the interrogation of the 812/b and 812/c. The girl has maimed two of the interrogators already, and the boy only hurls insults and screams. Neither has provided useful information.”

“I will proceed directly there. Will that be all?”

“Bishop Checker, this has become a serious situation. We tire of seeing our keepers of law made fools of. Do we need to activate backup for you?”

“Your judgment is perfect in all things, however I do not feel this case is beyond my capabilities.”

“Very well. Do not fail us Bishop.”

“No holiness.”

Fact Checker took a short cart ride to the detention spoke of the Political Wheel.

He allowed the PIGs and techs to brief him on the status of the prisoners. Then he watched and listened to them as they were allowed to awaken. When he had heard enough he told them to light it up and let him in.

“Seriously sir,” said one of the techs, “don’t let her out of the cage. Don’t get too close. Don’t let her get her hands on you.”

Fact Checker allowed one corner of his lip to pull upward. If he lost control his face entire would peel away in disgust at the weakness of the other beings that lived on his station.

“I think I can manage Deacon.”

Fact Checker walked into the cell.


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