2.12: Laser Boy: Digital Nocturnes

2.12: Laser Boy: Digital Nocturnes

Vince felt something and half woke up. He was too warm. So he pushed the blanket down off of his chest. Something tickled under his chin and he swatted at it and woke up fully. He hit something soft with his hand.

“Shhhhh. So called Laser Boy… It’s just me.”

Kick pulled herself under the blanket and pressed her body fully against him, her face was in his neck.


“Shhhhh. You’ll wake our hosts.”

“Yeah but what are you…”

He felt her hand caressing low on his stomach.

“What do you think?”

“Yeah but…”

He couldn’t talk anymore as her mouth covered his. He took her head in his hands, but she didn’t like it and pulled her head back to break out of his grip. Vince held his hands out and open in a panic. Was she offended? Was she about to laugh at him like it was all a joke? She moved her nose across his mouth and pressed her lips into his neck and took his hands in hers. She moved them down to her downy waist, her tail feathers twitching beneath his fingers.

The feathers on her head were tickling his nose. It was pitch black, but his tech had already compensated. He could see her clearly, though hued in green. She pulled back slightly and looked into his eyes, hungry; her tongue perched lightly on her top teeth.

“Wait. So this whole time you’ve been naked?” he squeaked.

She giggled like a girl who hadn’t just murdered multiple PIGS.

“Don’t tell anybody. And turn off your HUD pervert.”

Vince complied and all went dark. There was some embarrassment, but then her body, like, folded into his in a way he didn’t know bodies could. The second time, Kay made a noise like a screaming eagle and woke up their hosts.


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