2.9: Kick Herald: Pantastic Flanet

2.9: Kick Herald: Pantastic Flanet

Kick’s interface came alive instantly. She called her cart and lifted the unconscious Laser Boy and hung him around her shoulders. Gravity was weak here. The wall sign read, ‘0.4’

She carried Vince out the front door, ignoring the stares. Her mag cart was waiting at the entrance. Ad-walled tubes shot away from her in dozens of directions. She knew exactly where she was going. She stowed her charge in the side seat and climbed behind the panel and mentally guided the cart smoothly up and to the tunnel on the right. Her resources were in the secret room in the back of her dad’s place in the Diamond Sphere.

Tunnel traffic moved too fast for human reflexes. Computers linked to tech linked to soul operated the craft. As people liked to say. Kick’s cart was tearing along a circuitous route around the private and Papal sectors. Wide mouthed tunnels branched off in every direction at semi-regular intervals. There were color-coded lines marking routes for the benefit of people who still used their eyes to gather information. The computers were basically moving people around like they moved data around. That is, dispassionately and with awesome efficiency.

Kick was watching the road intermittently, a sure sign of a retentive personality. The rest of the time she was searching, scanning and filing articles about Laser Boy and his gang. Her tech was not able to access the Papal or Monster files, but she was able to learn some things anyway.

The effort being put into capturing Laser Boy was disproportionate to the threat he represented, even if you factored in the moist tech he’d just “stolen.” But the order to catch him started before that even happened. Something about this scared someone with resources. Proximity alarms sounded shrilly. Kick’s HUD went into over-red mode. She embiggened the rear vid and saw the flashing phosphene lights of PIGS carts in pursuit.

The sound of crunchy metal was loud in her ears as she watched her right hand grab the dome handle and rip it out of the ceiling, unsheathing a long curved emergency extraction blade.

The blade sliced quickly through the seat straps and Kick found herself squatting in her seat waiting for the back window to recess itself. As soon as the window was clear, she launched herself out the opening. She went limp and let the wind catch her primaries and she slipped perfectly into the slipstream of the moving vehicles. She soared smoothly along, just ahead of seven PIGS pursuit carts. The lights flashed green and orange, civilian and business carts pulled out of their path, warned by sophisticated nav software.

Kick lifted her left wingtip slightly while lowering, just so, her right wingtip, and she spiraled quickly into the path of the vehicles. Her powerful tail feathers fluttered and rose and flitter fell in a frenzy of compensation. She landed on the narrow front spoiler ramp. The shotgun PIGS reached for her head with his enormous hand. Kick was terrified of that thing getting a hold of her, but her tech was shielded from panic and her own right hand reached up and grabbed his thumb right at the knuckle and pulled in the direction of his own motion. He flew right over her head and served to pull Kick in the opposite direction over the rail and into the driver. To prevent transit accidents, the driver’s hands were fused to the control Y.

Kick took advantage of a few seconds respite to select a card from her pouch. Mircofiber Finglongers. Perfect. When the card activated, each of her fingers was fitted with 4-meter long strands of diamante monofilament, held rigid or flexible on command by armies of nano mag-generators. The result of which was that every one of Kicks fingers had a long vorpal blade attached to it, with safeguards to prevent self injury as a paid extra.

Kick Herald, the illustrious Blue Kay leaped off of the cart in which her tech had recently murdered two PIGS and spread wide her arms. Her finglongers, flapping behind her in the wind, suddenly stiffened and spread outward, shredding the steel walls of the tunnel on her right side. A syncart shot past them, and a teenager’s head popped off. Perfectly severed by a stray finglonger. As she neared the next PIGS cart, she pulled her feet in front of her, ready to land. Just as her feet found purchase on the front spoiler, her deadly finglongers swept into and through the two PIGS on this cart. The finglongers were so thin and sliced so cleanly, that Kay could not feel any resistance at all as she shredded her pursuers.

And so she carved her way through the PIGS. Her attack, though sudden and unexpected, was being analyzed by the military tech of all the remaining PIGS. By the time she leaped onto the fifth cart, there were four drones behind her. Her reactive finglongers were seized by a powerful energy field, and she was reeled in to the waiting arms of a smug PIGS.

Seconds later she was unconscious.


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