2.6: Black Elvis: Plausible Deniability

2.6: Black Elvis: Plausible Deniability

Elvis was strapped to an X shaped rack and completely naked when he came to. He was covered in chill bumps and shivering. This was unusual due to the precise temperature management of the entire station. A violent coughing fit brought him around more fully. Blood and phlegm dribbled down his chin. He gritted his teeth and tried to wipe it away on his shoulder, but the movement sent a spasm of pain down his back.

Crucifixion was not something Elvis expected to experience in his life. He tried to laugh, but the sound that escaped him was a piteous croak. He gritted his teeth and looked around the room. It was rectangular and dark. Made of some sort of synthetic rock surface instead of Dino-Glass. There were lights set in the ceiling and along the edges of the floor in several places. The hinged double doors were directly across from him. There was no evidence of tech: no blackwall, no terminals, no cameras, or sound recorders. He could tell that the X he was tied to was Dino-Glass, but it was just sort of wedged into some crates and giant cog wheels stacked around the two bases. He thought that if he just seesawed a little bit he could topple the whole structure, but the stab of pain he got from turning his head gave him pause. He could break his neck if he went over.

The doors opened and a tall man moved into the room like a raptor. He was tall and his skin was tinted orange. He had no hair visible on any part of his face or head. He was wearing a one-piece black skintight unitard with short pants and short sleeves. His feet were bare. Extra joints contracted and flexed along the lengths of his arms and legs.

There was no hesitation at all. Once the door opened, he crossed the scant meters and lifted one of his long legs and placed his bare foot squarely on Black Elvis’s chest. He was so limber, that even in this posture he was able to lean in and put his face right up to Elvis’s so that their noses were touching. The orange man inhaled deeply.

“You smell very bad.”

He pushed with the chest planted foot hard and Elvis went over backwards screaming. He could feel several muscles in his back tearing. Some part of his brain estimated that they were in at least 2 Earth Gs. The edge of the upper left tine of the X had managed to trap his hand beneath it when he landed. The pain was excruciating. He was trying to pull his hand out, and he could feel the shin and muscles ripping, but he couldn’t leave it.

Before he could manage to wrest his hand free, the orange man was squatting over him. Once again he planted a foot on his chest and this time began to slowly apply pressure.

“I am Fact Checker. Perhaps you’ve heard of me. Tell me everything you know about Lysergic Adam.”

Black Elvis lost consciousness then.


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