2.10: Laser Boy: I Feel Better Having Slept.

2.10: Laser Boy: I Feel Better Having Slept.

            Vince woke up and pressed start. A powerful redness was inserting itself into his consciousness. He felt the beginnings of panic, but the adrenaline surge that rode the crest of the panic powered his polyprocessors into relativistic speeds. Each of his fore arms spouted a series of small tubes. Out of the tubes flowed a silvery liquid substance which warped and stretched until they formed the shapes of slender guns in each hand.

Even as he was standing and putting his head out of the opening in the dome to in Kick’s cart speeding down the intersex, Vince thought to himself that the guns looked like girl guns. Like the guns The Fraidy Cat Gorrrrrlz used. Before he had fully managed to visualize the popular childrens characters, the guns thickened up to more manly Clint Protastigon standards. These ones actually fit into his grip. He saw that some PIGS carts were tailing him. He realized one of the PIGS had Kick Herald thrown over his shoulder. While he was busy realizing things, his newly masculine laser guns were busy shooting small holes through PIGS heads.

Vince screamed, “STOP!” at the top of his lungs, but the guns kept firing and the PIGS kept following, except for the ones that fell off their carts to splatter on the surrounding blackwall and pedestrians. Kick’s cart swooped upward relative to gravity and Vince’s head was thrown forward and his nose smashed into the dome. Blood gushed from his nose.

“More of my blood,” he muttered. He reached to steady himself with his right hand and the gun in that hand sort of sucked back inside his arm through a series of tubes that disappeared afterward. The left hand gun continued to fire. Each and every shot sending a PIGS guard in heavy armor to an early death. Vince took a deep breath and focused on his HUD, which was still reduced to a small red dot at the upper right of his view. He concentrated on the dot and his field of view became cluttered with the OS interface for his lethal new tech. He scanned until he found the OVERRIDE AUTO DEFENSE command and activated it.

The gun stopped firing. There were only two PIGS units remaining, including the one holding Kick. Vince pulled back into the dome and told the cart to stop and pull over. He was in a part of the station he’d never been in before. It was urban and busy and appeared to be some sort of market where human and Qualmpth interacted. The illuminators were a dark yellow to make the Qualmpth more comfortable, but there was a great deal of phosphene glow as well. He got out of the cart on the side away from the PIGS. Voices boomed over speakers all around. Commanding him to lay prone on the ground in full view of the PIGS. He waited until their carts halted hovering above him. He told his AI to shoot the PIGS and save Kick. He stood up and watched himself shoot the first PIGS guard right through the throat, and the second one through both knees causing him to fall forward, still holding Kick Herald. His gun then fired again in a wide blade like beam that completely severed his arm. He slid off and fell 5 meters to the ground, Kick was left resting on her knees with her head resting gently on the rail and one arm hanging over; her feathers splayed and wet. Her plumage was a uniform dull burgundy.

Vince took a breath and looked around, and there he was again, on all the black walls with blood gushing down his face and his hair hanging limp, laser gun hanging at his side glowing menacingly. Around him people and Qualmpth were staring and pointing cameras at him. He looked around nervously and started climbing back in the cart. He guided it up to hover next to the still hovering cart where The Fabulous Blue Kay lay. A mixed herd of Qualmpth and men on a balcony pointed their cameras at them from above. As the new images filled the BlackWall, Blue Kay was recognized and people started to cheer. One man yelled out, “Laser Boy saved Blue Kay from those PIGS!” and the milling people started gathering in closer and climbing up to see better. The nearby bodies of the guards were dragged into alleys. A drunk looking Qualmpth yelled out, “Yeah! Vent the Police!” in heavily accented Common.

Vince hurriedly hoisted the unconscious form of Kay into her cart and took a moment to wave at the crowd. He spotted himself in the wall again and wiped his face off with his shirt and forced himself to flash his crooked grin at the crowd before piloting the cart away from the scene at a casual looking speed.

He looked down at Kick.

“You need to wake up bird girl. I’m tired of being chased. I need to bust my kras out now before they figure how to track this tech.”


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