2.3: Blue Kay: Life In A Day

2.3: Blue Kay: Life in a Day

            She stood on a platform over a pulsing sphere of dancing bodies.

“The party is down!!” she shrieked. Her bionic vocal cords were stretched to approximate the cry of an eagle. Hundreds of heads turned and a cheer arose from the throng. Kick launched herself into the center of the zero g dance space and spread her wings. Everyone knew her then and rejoiced to see her there.


She ran through the corridor with her new friends. Beckstack was keeping perfect pace with her and kept trying to catch her eye. Every few feet she would spread her wings and lift her feet and glide ahead of him to make him struggle to catch up. The low gravity allowed for near flight and endless stamina. Colecta was traveling arm over arm over arm with her spider like surgical implants. Tigermouse just ran; deluding himself into thinking he was somehow connected to his long dead ancestors through this ancient form of locomotion. When they hit the garden dome, the artificial light set them to glowing and their spray of sweat sparkled into the air. Across the expansive green field, seven mammoth sized microkaiju wrestled, burning and plowing a path of destruction in the paradise. Beckstack could not quite manage to catch up with her.


She was in a low reddish room, and heavier than she had been in years. It made her sleepy. Her tech was more than able to compensate for the high gees, but her mind felt bogged. This old natural guy was talking so much that she knew he had no network in his mind. He never paused in his speech to manage his accounts or answer a UNO or anything… She felt like all the lines in his face were going to hypnotize her. He kept trying to show her how to play his ’chess’ game, but she kept getting lost in the maze of his wrinkles. She realized with a start that her chem regulator was maybe being a bit liberal at the moment. She liked it though so she let it ride.


She pulled out a huge mass of organic leftovers from the bin. The smells were so much more advanced than anything in the weirld. She sensed her body recoiling against the smells on some fundamental level. The stink of rot and putrification should disgust her, but she inhaled deeply and smeared the mass onto her neck and shoulders. She looked closely under her fingernails with wide eyes magnifying the filth lodged under them.


The protestors were completely fooled by her sincerity upgrade. Her lips pulled back from her teeth at the perfect angle to show devotion and passion for the cause. Which was… something about air quality she thought. One of the true believers handed her a grenade. Her fear and common sense were blocked and erased by the tech in her mind and adrenaline and endorphins flooded her system.

“Freedom or vent you!”

She hurled the grenade into the crowd of accountants and turned to run. The trigger mechanism sent out a soupy lake to snatch the feet of the number crunchers to stall them from their duties. Of course none of the accountants bothered struggling since all of their business was transacted over the weirld. They just stood there doing their jobs until the trapping fluid evaporated four hours later, after which they continued their profitable wandering.


She had ditched all her hangers ons and was standing studying a classified blueprint of the station. Science Wheel was having a lecture on theoretical wormhole traversal. Cool beans.


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