2.2: Fact Checker: Digital Breadcrumbs

2.2: Fact Checker: Digital Breadcrumbs

            Fact Checker floated in a bubble of tech. His feed tube and physical regimen was set to High G-Spartan, and so his body was lean and sinewy. There were screens covering the inside of the ten-foot diameter sphere in which he floated, but they were still and dead. He had long since switched to direct neural feed of data. A thick bundle of cable snaked around the sphere of thick green liquid to eventually connect to the base of his neck.

Reports were coming in from the slum sphere now. This so called Laser Boy had not been apprehended, though it appeared that some of his cohorts were in custody. The manner in which all records of this Vincent Pawn Gogh were eradicated from the system was more worrying than the threat of decompression in populated areas. Fact Checker had painstakingly reconstructed the data after going through the unprecedented action of archiving every byte of data from the hub and the slum sphere from the appropriate times. Once he had the data walled off away from the nets, he was able to find the deletions and masks. He had figured out the genius behind the hacking, unfortunately, he was not one of the gang they had in custody.

There were countless gangs in the station. Support systems grew up of necessity in the often toxic social atmosphere of the poorer part of the station, especially in the slum sphere. The sense of camaraderie they formed among themselves often kept them from becoming overly troublesome to the more affluent. This gang, however, the so-called Black Elvis Tribe, was unusual. Collectively, they possessed a wide array of valuable skills, especially as regards to espionage and combat. That children from the slums should be so enhanced was not in itself that aberrant, but that they should be bound together in such a tight family-like structure was eccentric to a dangerous degree. The unifying factor seemed to be Black Elvis, and his awesome charisma, but Fact Checker would get to him soon enough. The one he found most interesting was this small boy in the suit. Lysergic Adam. This was the boy that was making such a mockery of the social barriers between the sphere classes as well as the station’s nets security. This kid was something unusual. He would have to be re-educated for the bureaus or destroyed. After of course a complete scan of his CNS was complete. Fact Checker could not see any use for the others, so he changed Laser Boy’s warrant from capture to kill.


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