2.1: Blue Kay: Immersed In Fabulence

2.1: Blue Kay: Immersed in Fabulence

Kick Herald, The Fabulous Blue Kay’s eyes were open, and focused on nothing. She was in a 20 m by 8 m swimming pool, floating on her back. The water was still and crystal clear. Her wings were spread out above her head to make a trident shape with the feathers of her head. There was a space around her slightly wider and longer than the pool. Above her it stretched into infinity, a rectangular prism of x = 25 m, y = 10 m, Z = ∞ m. The space within that shape had a pool and a bird girl. The rest of the space was pristine and empty. It didn’t even contain air or pressure really, though the bird girl felt the effects of both of those upon her consciousness. The body was like hers, but made of code in a powerfully rendered VR space they called, “The Weirld.”

This part of the wierld she that owned was, at this moment, full of a swimming pool and her awareness and self image and nothing else. Immediately outside those bounds was a chaotic hell-space in black and grey and red and brown. A spattering of washed out yellows and greens. Usually her area was merged with this shared space of anything goes, but she felt antisocial today and had walled herself in. Kay kept the walls around her opaque so that from her perspective she looked up into a pale green rectangular tunnel. The featureless depth was an easy thing to ignore as she meditated deep and empty for a long amount of time.

By coincidence, at the precise moment the needles shot into Laser Boy’s brain, she opened her eyes. She swiped her arms downward and her yellow and red plumage fluttered in the wake. Her lithe legs and sopped tail rotated downward to bring her to a treading position in the water. Her feathers, that, moments before were spread evenly and neatly, were swirling and tangling in the moving water. She lazily flexed her arm and leg muscles rhythmically, enjoying the sensation and looking around herself drowsily. She gradually lessened the opacity of the walls around her until they were invisible. The first thing that coalesced into focus was a wild and hairy man masturbating furiously against the newly invisible wall. She raised her eyebrows as her eyes met his. He screamed like a banshee and quickly spun and ran away. A flying saucer buzzed by directly behind where he had been, and an explosion, and then two more. And a feral elf on a large seven legged mammal stormed past, glancing briefly into the clean website of Kick Herald. A small tribe of account holders was gathering together a few hundred meters away. They conferred for a few moments and then morphed into large war machines. They hurled themselves at the invisible wall from all angles. Fire and radiation flared all around her in a dazzling display. Kay stretched lazily and yawned. She ‘liked’ their attack and issued the mental command to return herself to the real world. And, with a vertical wipe transition, she was in her rig in a smallish room with pale blue paint. She was sandwiched between two thin sheets of a rubber like substance suspended from a vertical frame.

Vent if she didn’t feel the same neck pain as the last time she came out. If she told her dad about it, she knew heads would roll at whatever company made her suspension rig. Strange sensations and memories tried to flood her consciousness, but her natural defenses kicked in and she flipped open the panel on her left wrist and keyed up the proper stimulants and psychoactives to put her in the now and get herself out of this structure. The two sheets pulled away from her with a sucking sound and hung limp in the air. Her feathers were droopy and grey as she dropped clumsily to the floor.

Her bare downy feet padded quickly across the space to a slight depression in the wall. As she palmed it to open a compartment, she shook out her plumage and sent a wave of pulsing dayglo color up and down her body. By the time she pulled out a belt/shoulder harness out of the compartment in the wall, the rainbow storm of cuttlefish color over her body had settled into her normal sky-blue and white pattern. As she turned a section of wall became reflective and she studied her naked feathered form, turning to examine each profile in an ancient gesture. She ruffled her feathers out one more time and strode from the room, seeming to pass right through the wall.

“Too long away from the world,” she muttered, exercising her half numb lips.

“Blue Kay Blue Kay noodling along. Saxamaphoning a blue kay song.”

Maybe her medication was a bit off still…

She was able to make it thirteen steps before her phone popped up in her HUD.

A small white face with tight black hair floated before her in a translucent manner.

“Saph! Are you out? Everyone’s dancing in your space. I thought you were throwing a party, but you look to be under low-d high-g strain plint!”

“Waste yourself, Wind. Tell everyone I’m dead for a week. I’m turning this number off. Toss Fender off a recursive cliff for me would you? She can’t function without me. Give her divert.”

“Hells yes I will. Seriously, be careful. Everything out there is so… UNO.”

“INO. Bye.” Kick ignored the emotional/informational aggregate UNO packet, saving the data and feelings away for experiencing later.

Kick’s eyes traced out the pattern to cancel her account and create a new one. A few more tracings and blinks bypassed the connection import step and she had a number with no contacts lodged in her head. Her old number was exported to a storage location in her parents nano-computer. She was as close to getting off the grid as she could conceive.

She summoned a mag cart and stepped lithely onto it’s platform. It took her scant second to focus her attention on the precise spot just left of her spine in the middle of her waist and then imagine drawing a pattern that formed an ancient Sumerian rune, which served as her high security password to protect her wetware from being hacked by minds with the necessary tech installed. Once her net connection was fully active she jacked into the cart.

“The stem,” she commanded.

“Right on,” said the cart, accelerating smoothly into the transit tunnels.


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