1.16: Laser Boy: Sewing The Seeds Of Fate

1.16: Laser Boy: Sewing The Seeds Of Fate

Vince walked through the melting door into a squat cylinder of a room with seamless platforms raised in practical shapes for sitting and working around the area. A rectangular slab in the middle of the room was emitting a dully-pulsing tang colored light that matched perfectly the caution light in the HUD.

On top of the slab was a pistol-sized object shaped like a pistol. Laser Boy smiled and picked it up.

Vincent Pawn Gogh had precisely 3.23 seconds to admire the sight of the moist gun in his hand. Then the fire started digging into his arm. Twenty seven tendrils of nano-tech fiber shot out of the yellow silver surface of the gun and slithered through the air to imbed themselves violently into Vince’s arm. By the time he screamed a high C flat, the needle snakes had erupted out of his arm only to immediately reverse direction and re-imbed themselves back into his musculature. A wide sprinkler of tiny blood droplets spattered across the gleaming white surfaces of the room, forming, completely by chance, a pixilated red Degas Ballerina, trailing bloody comets behind her extended toes.

Vince’s brain shut down completely as he witnessed as if from a great distance, a twisting tangle of softly glowing fibers sewing themselves quickly up his arm. Vince’s eyes rolled up and he started to fall. By the time he hit the ground, the nano fibers had sewn a tight trail through his arm in a Celtic looking pattern and emerged from his right shoulder. The fibers paused for a small time, cobras tensing for the strike, and then shot into his head at perfectly measured intervals. Then his head hit the ground with a wet thup, and it’s the end of part one as we pull up and back looking down on our pathetic hero curled fetal on the floor of a blindingly white chamber in a halo of slowly spreading blood. Tang colored light pulsing slowly as we fade to black.


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