Slang and Jargon Glossary

Station Graphics by P.W. Byram

Station Graphics by P.W. Byram

All caps            important. Exclamatoy. All capitals.


Arbitrary True            For purposes of navigation, the assigned 12 o’clock position on the station.


Axel                        the ten mile long zero gravity hub of the station


Black wall            screens similar to a touch screen on a tablet, but made of Dino-Glass that coats nearly all unused surfaces of the station. They are like public computer terminals with access to pretty much all the information in the station if you have the right passwords and accounts. Most sensitive information requires biometric input to access, which can include: eye scans, fingerprints, breath analysis, blood analysis, voice ID, etc. When not in use, most of them show ads. Since most people have video devices, most black walls will pick up and display events from nearby video devices if it’s algorithms detect newsworthy happenings.


Beamer            a laser gun made by BeamerCorp, one of the major military/police manufacturers on the station.


Bishop                        roughly equivalent to a mayor


Borges                        middle class, desperate to become high class, enjoy looking down on and using denizens of the slum sphere.


Bug                        ass


Cerefex            tough metalastic fabric


Conapt                        small movable modular apartment unit as opposed to permanent structures called permapts


Creds                        term for the most common form of money, exists only in accounts and over the nets


Dag                        cool or swell or neato or whatever


Dino-Glass            a nearly unbreakable clear metal/plastic substance that much of the station is made of.


Evil Fingers            index and middle fingers held together and pointed vaguely over the head of the target. It is sign language for, “I’m going to vent you into space fool.”


Fid                        alien race, short, dress all in white


Fish                        sex


Flab                        What people without regular weirld access call the weirld


Frampled            Who knows… I mean it sounds like frazzled, so it’s probably sort of like that. These kids and their slang. Sheesh


Genetic Stowaway            person born of a woman after she got impregnated by having sex with a man with no genetic manipulation involved.   Children born naturally.


Grant                        sure, I agree, fine,


Hamlet                        person who engages in intercourse with his mom


Intersex            intersection


Jerry button            what poor people call it when rich people interact with their tech interfaces in what appear to non techies as nonsensical movement of the hand and eyes.


Johnium            strong metal alloy created by some guy named John


Kras                        originated from Vonnegut’s karass, slang for a gang or tribe. Has connotations of a voluntary family, a closeness and a willingness to sacrifice for each other at least from within. Term for violent roving packs of homeless kids in affluent spheres and wheels.


Ladar                        Slang term for laser positioning and mapping systems


Leper                        can mean something is cool, or disgusting, depending on the context


Leper Cheese            a major fast food franchise


Mad                        seriously, no kidding


Manooway            short for Man Who Ate Japan, exasperated slang, similar to “Oh My God!” The Man Who Ate Japan was what people called the man who used nanotechnology to turn into an enormous kaiju and destroy the Earth hundreds of years ago. Facts about his story are hidden and rare, stories and myths abound.


Magrunner            a hover vehicle that uses magnetic waves to hover around the station


Metalastic            any of many forms of metal/plastic/ceramic mixtures and alloys


Moist                        brand new, esp with technology


Mutard                        offensive slang, mentally retarded mutant


Nano-Computers            an amorphous swarm of nano-bots, connected by webs of neutrino transmissions, forming a massive computer brain that engulfs the entire station. People refer to their terminals as nano computers, but it is really all one connected thing.


Orientation Rings             rings and handles placed on surfaces, vehicles, and clothing, (also sometimes implanted in people’s skin like subcutaneous piercings) that people can hold onto with their hands or feet in zero gravity areas.


Papal Agency                        governing body of the station. One pope for each wheel. Plus a few others


Pennywise            masturbation. Variations include but are not limited to: Pennied, penn, killed my pen, anything about a pen. Nobody writes with pens anymore.


Permapt            permanent apartment. A structure welded on the basic structure of the station as opposed to movable modular units called conapts.


PIGS                        Papal Investigation Gurrella Soldiers, mindless. Soulless, programmable monsters raised and housed in boot camps at the end of 5g spires that extend far from the station’s core. Incredibly strong and devoid of emotion. Or so they say. There are rumors of the societies they form at the end of their spires, but who can go and look? Or would want to?


Plit                        bitch


Punched the clown            masturbation


Ratcher            rat killing robot drone. I totally stole this from issue 2 or 3 of TMNT.


Red Engineer            anti establishment hero of folk tales. Outlaw tech repair-man, who fixes glitches for the poor and downtrodden and plants viruses in the tech of the powerful and rich. Stolen without shame from the DeNiro character in Terry Gilliam’s Brazil


Saint                        gengineered animal with only basic brainstem programmed to get perfect amount of exercise to make the meat ideal for consumption. Looks like a large land walrus. Feels no pain.


Satyrday            I’m not explaining this one. Maybe later. It’s some sick stuff.


Scrat                        a rat with flaps to aid in gliding, like a flying squirrel, but a rat.


Shrinknet            constricting net used to detain prisoners by PIGs


Skirl                        sex slave, also slang for wimp or homosexual, used as a cutdown.


Sorg                        shit


Spack                        popular and cheap speed drug for poor people sometime side effect of partial intangibility often causes grisly deaths


Sphere                        one of eight residential areas


Splicer                        person with animal or plant DNA spliced in with their own to in order to alter their phenotype drastically.


Stakes                        slang term for plastic station credits. Physical money.


Sto                        Something that some kids say. No one over 15 knows what it means… if it means anything at all.


USB                        sex


Ventilation Season            slang for a mass slaughter


Venting            because of the fear of getting blown into space, equal to ‘fucking’ in our time, though fucking is still used as a retro term. Also the venting of gas from the anus, double meanings. Some people use it like a comma. Considered very profane.


Vinn                        urine


Weirld                        The virtual reality world that most rich people live in, most middle class people visit as often as possible, and most poor people have disdain for. Nothing is impossible, everything is permissible, and there are no regrets… or are there?


Wheel                        one of nine large wheels of the station. Political and business centers. Mercantile Wheel, Admin Wheel, etc.


Wing-Shirt            a shirt with flaps under the arms to help navigate in zero gravity


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