1.11 Black Elvis and Skum Bunny: High Def Dealers Of Death

1.11 Black Elvis and Skum Bunny: High Def Dealers of Death

            Skum Bunny was in mid air when Black Elvis popped up right behind the center of the slaver line, through the top of a cheap and ratty shanty. The plastic tarps billowed around him like a wizards cloak. The shrill wailings of the slavers’ distracting technology was cut by the sound of two high caliber automatic projectile weapons. Black Elvis was cussing in Qualmpthese at the top of his lungs, but all that came through the drumming barrage of his carbines was a few chthtchs, slamphths, and spit. The slavers started pitching forward as lead pounded into their backs. Most of them had adequate body armor to prevent penetration, but many a vertebrae shattered before they could turn to fire on the ambusher.

Just as the line began to turn on Black Elvis, Skum Bunny went swinging over their heads, dropping blinders and smokers in his wake. Solid streams of full spectrum white light and smoke filled the area. Vince jerked his arm in front of his eyes and closed them tight. The light grenades Skum Bunny was dropping were very dangerous.

Black Elvis was gritting his teeth and holding both triggers of his old fashioned machine guns down and just spraying metal at the invaders. He could see them dropping and dodging. Behind them all, shining behind the smoke, he could see himself at ten times life size shooting right back at himself, in a higher definition than the un-enhanced human eye could see. His image was filling multiple black walls, but the one where is face should be only showed static, and it made him look like a pixilated monster. The tarps of the shanties he had crawled through to reach his high ground vantage point swirled and billowed around him like an earthstorm. The slavers own disorientation weapons worked against them now and their numbers were decimated in seconds.

Skum Bunny waited until Black Elvis stopped to reload and he darted out from behind him charging straight at two slavers who were in the process of standing up in the tiny lull in gun fire. They were startled for a moment to see a child rushing at them swinging corded gears from both hands, but only for a moment. A lanky blond lizard-splicer nudged the other with his elbow and grinned. They simultaneously raised their spiked nets and waited for him to dash into range. They were professionals after all.

Skum Bunny ran at them full speed trailing wires and cogs. His twin rabbit ear top knots flapped behind him. The lizard splicer’s sideways lids closed over his hourglass pupil eyes and his forked tongue flicked out for a millisecond between drippy fangs, his net at the ready. His partner, who more or less looked like a normal human, except larger than average, kept his shock rifle pointed at the fast charging boy.

Skum Bunny leaped straight at them, but lizard man was ready with his net, but Skum Bunny had already launched one of his anchors at a duct and his direction changed midair. His arc took him to the right of the two slavers just out of reach of the net, as he swung by them, another line shot out and wrapped twice around them. Skum used an electromagnet to anchor his end to the floor and pulled out two rusty shards of steel with wrapping for grips and charged the men. The lizard man had fallen over, the other one was cart wheeling his arms trying to stay up, but he had dropped his gun.

Skum Bunny was on them. He jumped on to the head of the standing man and slammed one of his shivs into the back of his neck, before the man could fall, Skum Bunny twisted and fell on the lizard man who was snapping the air with his elongated snout. Skum Bunny took his time and leaned in as close as he could to the snapping jaws and looked right into the animal eyes as he pushed both spikes slowly into the creature’s throat.

Skum stood up and looked around. Black Elvis was moving toward him carefully. Most of the slavers were moving away toward the access cart they had come in through. There were six cages left behind, one for each of the slavers killed by Elvis and Skum. They made their way to the cages to start letting the slum rats out and looting the dead of tech and clothing.


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