1.9: Zombie Lisa: Tripping Balls With Trip

1.9:  Zombie Lisa: Tripping Balls With Trip

Zombie Lisa was angry and hot. She did not know why Vince, (Or Ghost, maybe if she could remember to call him Ghost, he liked to be called Ghost, but nobody called him Ghost)… continued to ignore her. He was so fucking stupid. Always playing kid games with Skum and Elvis. He was three years older than her, but he still acted like a little boy. It was simpler before.  Just her and Skumby. She could see Vince right now. Looking up, he was all over the walls, hair flowing like molten steel.  And lately her chest felt like it was dripping downward whenever he was indifferent to her.  Which was mostly.

She was stalking along the overgrown paths with a swinging cord in each hand. She almost wished someone would fuck with her. See what happened.

She stopped fuming for a moment to watch three Qualmpth approaching a seedy looking slumby. She could not hear what they were saying. One of the Qualmpth looked around nervously. Zombie crouched down behind the tall grass and continued to watch. They were fascinating looking creatures. They looked kind of like centaurs from one of Syrge’s old e books, but they were covered with quills, and their upper torso did not look remotely human. Still they did have four legs on the ground and two appendages in the air. They were probably looking for drugs. Qualmpth did not come to the Slum Sphere for many other reasons. They did not find human women attractive. They had been known to buy or catch slaves once in a while. She better stay hidden in case. Black Elvis was trying to stop slumbies being taken for slaves, but it was a big station, big need for labor.

A moment later the Qualmpth wandered away in disappointment. Zombie Lisa stood up and continued her aimless stalking. She swung her cords violently as the grass hemming it down like some grim reaper.

“I’m THIRTEEN! For vent’s sake! Thirteeeeeeeen!” she was muttering under her breath, “Been a pope felching woman for a year! I hate that mutard!  Sexy fucking mutarded bastard.”

She stifled a squeak when a voice a few feet to her right startled her.

“Zombie Grrrrrrrl.”

She spun and crouched, the devil looking out of her face. A sitting wild bearded man held his hands up palms toward her.

“Whoa girl! Just me, just old Trip. No harm! You run with Elvis and Laser Ghost? Yeah? Don’t want no trouble! Just me. Just old Trip…”

Zombie Lisa relaxed and stood.

“Hey Trip. You alright? Why you hiding in the grass?”

She walked over and sat next to him on an old rusty wheel of some sort. He was sitting on a cushioned surface of some kind. Maybe an old mattress. It smelled of mold.

“I’m not hiding. Just sitting here waiting to come up.”

Lisa looked at the empty caps on the ground.

“What’d you take this time Trip? One of Syrge’s?”

“Vent yah, one of Syrge’s! This one doesn’t have a street name yet. I call it ‘Post Mortem,’ Syrge still testing it out. I’ve taken it before. I know what it does, I didn’t tell him yet.”

“You have anymore?”

Trip started laughing in a high pitch.

“I don’t want to give you none, but I will. I haveta. It’s written. It is written indeed. Giant blacklit shadows… stretched skin and rocking waves of flesh… Change your t-shirt motherfucker. The high point of time forcing reality on the rest of us… Shitty complexion. It is written, it is done.”

He handed her a cap of Post Mortem.

“What do I do with this?”

Trip was giggling so hard he was wheezing and wiping tears away from his eyes.

“Just… just crack it under yer nosey nose grrrrl. Heee…”

Zombie Lisa broke the small capsule open beneath her nose and a strong smell of mixed spices shot up into her sinuses, causing her to sneeze violently.

“Oh no! Did I waste it!?”

“Naw girl you don’t sneeze you don’t leave! Speaking of… I see you later…”

Trip fell gently onto his back in the grass. Zombie Lisa pulled up her lip at his drooling features. She bent down and wiped some spittle from his chin and closed his mouth and eyes. She watched for a moment to make sure he was breathing and crawled back further into the grass so she could not be seen from the path and lay down on her back looking up at the glowing axel and listening to the buzzing of the insects and the humming of the engines and the murmuring of the people in every direction. She felt alone for a moment, and that was a rare thing.

A few minutes later, the air between her and the axel went swimmy and she went away.

About forty minutes later, her eyes shot open to see Trip staring down at her.

“Fucking Monkey Jesus!” She sat up quickly breathing rapidly. Trip spoke to her in calming tones.

“You think about what you saw. Think about it right now before it leaves you! Don’t want to waste it do we?”

She slowed her breathing and struggled to hold onto the memories. She caught a good many of them, but she knew she lost many as well.

“You seen behind the curtain girl, you know your place now. Can you handle it?”

She looked at him sadly.

“It’s not what I wanted…”

“Naw. But think how I feel grrrrl.”

He sat down hard next to her and started weeping. She put her hand out and held it on his shoulder. She was surprised to find she was crying also. And her feelings for Vince, Laser Boy, had changed too. She was no longer angry. She just had to wait. It was going to suck though. She knew she was strong enough. The things she had seen herself do before she was her, and the things she knew were coming. That stupid sort-of-nice boy she had fallen in love with… Oh venting hells. He was a spider, he was an elf-prince, and he was the smartest mouse in the maze… What was she but a crooked smile and crazy eyes, putting the fear into the traditional… pink bandana? Was that a small audience she had battled? Or a large gorilla?

After Trip had calmed down, she got up and walked away back toward their camp without another word. She was calm and ready for what would come.

When Syrge’s wailing alarms went off warning of a slaver raid, she sighed resignedly and started walking a little faster. She felt none of the panic she usually felt at the sirens.


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